Brushstrokes – Dark


Choose a size of the pot. The large size pot is for the standard 4-inch size violet that you usually find in stores. The medium pot is for the 2-inch miniature violet.

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Are you more attracted to darker, richer colors to decorate your home? Our Brushstrokes Dark Vase from our Wild and Crazy collection might be the right fit for you. This vase is self-watering, as well as eye-catching, all at once. The initial light-colored base color for the vase provides a perfect background for the dark, rich brushstrokes that add contrast and beauty to the entire vase. Our color scheme also allows the color of your African violets, whether it be red, purple, white, or pink, to really shine against the refreshing colors we have painted with.

Watering the African violet flower can be complicated, especially if you are new to the flower-raising community. You may not know if you have that green thumb everyone talks about, but you are ready to give it a shot. You long for those beautiful colors that you see in yards, windowsills, or simply on display in your best friend’s home. Yet, you have to know the facts about keeping your African violets healthy and blooming. You do not want to worry about having the exact water temperature required for these flowers to survive, do you? That is why one reason our pots are perfect for you. Our pots will water your African violets with room-temperature water, which is what your flowers desire.

Are you wondering how our self-watering pots work? Self-watering pots are designed in two pieces: a deep container for your plant and soil, and a second one for your water. Your second pot will be placed beneath your first pot, which allows your African violet to absorb water through the bottom of the pot. This prevents overwatering your African violet. It will instead thrive and provide a gorgeous range of colors due to the perfect amount of water it is receiving from our self-watering pots.

Did you know that the African violet can bloom all year long? That is right! It can provide beautiful home décor accents all year long. You can purchase various Brushstroke Dark colored pots in our different sizes and choose various African violet colors to plant them in! Then, you can match your violets to your home color scheme or to that famous holiday party you host every year. You can simply have a range of colors just because you like variety. That is why we offer this multicolored, darker brushstroke accented vase in two different sizes. We not only offer a great way to maintain your African violets, but we also offer a range of sizes and color designs at the same time. If you choose this vase, you can have your cake and eat it too!

If you decide to purchase larger African violets, you may want to purchase our larger, 4-inch self-watering pot. If smaller African violets are more your style, we offer a smaller, 2-inch pot that you will not find in stores.

Our perfect violet pots are portable, lightweight, and can be placed anywhere in the home as the perfect accent to any room within your home. 

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in

Medium pot, Large pot


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