The Perfect Violet Pot

Self-Watering Pots for

Your African Violets

This is the way to grow violets easily

Buy Handmade Pots for Your African Violets from Us

The Perfect Violet Pot is your online destination to buy self-watering pots for your African violets. We sell handmade pots that can take care of your violets for you. Beverly Pierson founded our store, and we have more than 35 years of experience in this business of selling pottery and plants.

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Our Product Categories

The Perfect Violet Pot offers three categories in pots with a fantastic selection of designs and colors. Choose from our wide variety of pots and shop online for the ones you love.

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Why Choose Us

We are known to offer the best colors and designs by far in the industry. Our pricing is fair, and our products appeal to higher-end individuals. If you need something flexible to handle your violets, our Pots are exceptional.

Sizes and Pricing

We have two standard sizes with us currently. Our large size pot is for the standard 4" violets that you usually find in stores. The medium-sized one is for the 2" miniature violets. Our pricings depend on the size of the pot. Current shipping charges are applied to your order while checking out.