Are you wondering about the name “Obsidian” from our Wild and Crazy collection? What exactly is obsidian? Why does this particular self-watering vase design emulate it?

Basically, obsidian is created by the quick cooling of viscous lava from erupting volcanos. Obsidian is typically black in color. It can have hints of dark bands or spots of various colors, such as red, brown, grey, green, or yellow. This piece of nature so beautifully created is where our inspiration for our African violet vase stems from.

You may disagree with the idea of the obsidian color scheme. Perhaps you feel that this ceramic self-watering pot for your African violets resembles abalone art. The abalone design reminds you of those trips you took when you were young. You explored the world, carefree and ready for adventure. You can almost feel the cold, coastal waters of New Zealand brushing against your legs as you stand in the ocean.

Does your culture use the abalone for its spiritual properties? The abalone pattern of this self-watering vase may remind you of your heritage, inspiring your spiritual path. The Maori people of New Zealand consider the abalone a delicacy in their culture. Maybe you are a descendant of this clan. You believe the abalone brings harmony and connectivity. This idea can translate into your home life while providing a beautiful home décor piece at the same time.

Whether you prefer the concept of the obsidian design or the abalone design, this vase is still a necessary tool to keep your African violets blooming year-round. This dark-colored color scheme for your new self-watering vase provides the perfect contrast to the bright colors of African violets.

You love the color contrast concept in your home décor. The vibrant hues of your African violets contrasting with your dark-colored vase with swirls of blues and greens entice you. You know this vase is the one you need to complete your floral collection in your home. You have that green thumb that everyone wants, and you want beautiful vases to accompany it.

You already have various flowers decorating your house and your porch. If it blooms, you already have it, whether it’s azaleas, daffodils, or buttercups. You feel like you are still missing that final piece of the puzzle, though. It is African violets, and we offer the perfect decorative vase to accompany them.

This vase, while rich in color, is more than just something to look at. It keeps your African violets alive and well. The African violet can be a complicated flower to water. This two-part vase requires water in the bottom piece. The top piece is where your African violet finds its home. This vase then waters your African violets from the bottom and moves the water upward, allowing just enough water to reach your newest addition.

Our Wild and Crazy collection features this obsidian piece to not only water your African violets correctly, but to inspire the creativity that is within you as well. Whether you love the look of obsidian after a volcanic eruption or have a spiritual connection to the abalone design, this vase is perfect for you.

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Black background with greens/browns/blues swirled. This emulates a subtle volcanic or abalone look.

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in

Medium pot, Large pot


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