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Planting Instructions

We recommend planting your violet directly into the top portion of the pot. We do have some customers who have said that they leave it in the plastic container and it does just fine.

Your violet should not be too dry or soggy, but evenly moist. Add 1 to 2" of potting soil to the pot, then take your violet out of its present container. Plant it into the top and press down to compact the soil. Fill the bowl as directed with water and enjoy!

Beverly Pierson's 'The Perfect Violet Pot' is a phenomenon. To begin with, the brilliantly designed ceramic pots have revolutionized the process for growing African violets, creating quite an event in the gardening world. African violets have traditionally been a finicky plant to grow, consistently dying at the hands of their helpless caretakers. These ceramic pots, though, have made that once difficult task an effortless one.

Violets need to stay evenly moist at all times, and that is exactly what The Perfect Violet Pot does. You will never have to guess when your violet needs water again. With The Perfect Violet Pot, the plant slowly and evenly drinks through the unglazed lower half of the top pot. The two piece self-watering violet pot completely eliminates the guesswork for you. Just refill the bottom pot with water every 2-3 weeks.

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The violet pot comes in a large variety of colors, textures, and glazes. Complete planting and growing instructions are included with the shipment of your order.