Violets need to stay evenly moist at all times - and that's exactly what The Perfect Violet Pot does! You never have to water the plant from the top of the pot again. The water is absorbed through the unglazed portion of the lower half of the top pot. This way - the plant drinks the water as it needs it rather than you guessing how much to give it. This eliminates all of the guesswork for you!  

Fill the bottom bowl 2/3 full - or as much as will fit so it doesn't overflow when you put the top portion back in. Then, check the water level every 2-3 weeks for the large size pot or 1-2 weeks for the medium size pot. When only an inch or so of water is left, fill it back up!

DO NOT mist the foliage. Water spots on the foliage may cause permanent leaf spotting.